Hot Water Cylinders & Pressurised Hot Water Systems
Hot Water Cylinders & Pressurised Hot Water Systems

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 17.22.21Hot Water Cylinders & Pressurised Hot Water Systems.

Unvented Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders
An unvented pressurised hot water cylinder is made from stainless steel & allows the average home to achieve pressurised hot water throughout the entire property. Typical installations can allow 2 to 3 mixer showers to be run at once and still achieve very powerful showers. Whitfield Plumbing & Heating are qualified to install,
repair & service all types of Unvented Cylinders & Hot Water
Gravity Fed Hot Water Cylinders
A gravity fed hot water cylinder is a traditional copper cylinder and is fed from a tank in the loft rather than mains pressure. Good flow rates can be achieved from this type of system, however the
Unvented Pressurised alternative is far superior when it comes to efficiency & hot water performance. Gravity fed hot water cylinders can be replaced for Unvented Cylinders which could transform your
low pressure hot water system to a high pressure system without the
need to replace taps, showers & any other hot water outlets.
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