Central Heating Power Flushing
Central Heating Power Flushing

Central Heating Power Flushing

What is Central Heating Power Flushing?

power flushing central heating

The objective is to restore heating systems with circulation and boiler problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits). Power Flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause allowing the system to achieve maximum efficiency. Central heating Power Flushing is completed by: connecting a powerful Kamco CF30 PowerFlushing Machine, a industrial strength Adey Magnacleanse filter is used to collect the debris, dirt & black sludge in the system, the central heating system is dosed with a chemical called PowerFlush FX20, we then individually flush each radiator or underfloor heating circuit on the system and completely remove all contaminants entirely. Once every radiator or circuit has been flushed we then flush the system with clean water and test the PH levels of the system. Finally we then bleed and remove all air from the system and dose with Central Heating Inhibitor. We have seen amazing results using this method and have transformed heating systems with no heat circulation what so ever to piping hot & efficient systems without removing a single radiator. All Power Flushing is done from outside via long hoses leaving your home spotless & driveways are always thoroughly cleaned afterwards. 

How long does Power Flushing normally take?

The average Power Flush takes approximately 1 day but this depends on how many radiators or underfloor heating circuits are on the system.

How will I know if my system needs to be Power Flushed?

Obvious signs that a system needs to be Power Flushed is: system noise, cold spots on radiators, black water expelled when bleeding radiators, some radiators not as hot as others on the system & visual signs of system corrosion.

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